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Terracina is situated by the Tyrrhenian sea, on the western coast of Italy, halfway between Rome and Naples. The trip from Rome takes about an hour and a half by car as by train. 


The historic part of town is particularly unrefined and beautiful with its Roman ruins, narrow streets, small shops and fine restaurants. It’s only a few minutes’ walk downhill to the modern city center and very close to our sandy ‘Blue flag’ beaches, both exceptionally clean and neat. You can rent deck chairs at the beach bars, but there are also some public free space  in between, where you may bring your own equipment.

The longest beach ‘Lungomare’ stretches out almost five kilometers along the town, while ‘Levante’, the small one, lies beneath the mountain Pisco Montano and the ancient Temple of Giove Anxur. 

The temple is extraordinary, the view is stunning and absolutely worthwhile a trip to the top. 

Terracina is a fantastic summer paradise for many Italians, but the residents enjoy the sunny and good climate throughout the whole year. 

From Terracina you have an excellent departing point for day trips either to Rome, Naples, Pompeii or to the island of Ponza. 

There is a great variety of restaurants in town and the quality of food is excellent. Terracina is famous for its gastronomy due to the large supply of locally sourced vegetables and sea food. Terracina is also well known for its golden and fruity Moscato wine from the grape by the same name. 


I recommend renting an apartment in the historic part of town. You will not need a car, as you’re in walking distance from everything.

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